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Wedding Album


On April 21, 2012 I readonly distributed 10 deposable cameras to the people that came to my wedding. After brief use instructions that was limited to the explanation regarding the use of the camera such as how to move the negative inside the machine, I asked each person to shoot whatever they wanted and to write their names on the cameras just so I would be able to identify the authors. After the party period and back to the real world, I always found excuses to edit this material. As the time passed by, the anxiety for the revelation of the images was so great that kept me from actually getting in touch with them. After a while I started asking myself if this whole process was what really mattered and if the value of these images were in its revelation, preservation and anxiety cultivation. That is how I created this work installation.

Technical specifications
The work is composed by the 10 disposable cameras that were used by the weeding guests and there are still untouched, the pictures were never revealed. The cameras are disposed in small acrylic boxes (10x15x5cm) and are organized as explained above. Each camera comes with the identification from the guest who made the shots (whenever it is applied).