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Cristiane Silva e Gustavo Adriano Ribeiro

Cristiane uses photography as language and as self-expression. The uses her own body as a way to construct images that intend to illustrate feelings and reflexions. She used to think that her series were autobiographical but nowadays she realizes that she doesn’t talk about herself but from herself.

Gustavo comes from a technical background that contributes for his process to be very formal. Although he usually starts from the construction and manipulation of previously established elements, he has worked with experimentation with the objective to understand the sensibility and poetics of his own work.

Because of the conceptual differences of each ones transit, they started to correspond poetically with each other through works that were being developed but didn’t have a specific direction: the analysis, the sensible correspondence and the messages transmitted are opened to interpretation and to the various ways that constitute the artistic expression.

After this meeting and the questions raised about form and idea, these works were related and originated the series “Naturally”, in which men’s relationship to nature is explored symbolically.