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Mate Herb


In 1834, the first building of the Mate Real factory was inaugurated at the neighborhood Engenho da Glória, today known as Alto da Glória, located in the city of Curitiba, Paraná- Brazil. In 1926 the factory installation changed to a new building at the Rebouças neighborhood (also in Curitiba), where it stands until today. This building was a mark for Matte production and helped to set Paraná as one of the biggest Matte producers in the world. But after 88 years the company was sold and this building at Rebouças installation, although partially preserved, will become a new university campus, changing all its original format. This photography project intends to visit a past that now can just be seen in images. It took place at the factory just months before it was closed. Composing a cut in this memory and producing a fictional narrative, highlighting not only a historical value but how we build and rebuild our memory through our imaginary.