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Exclusive Circulation


The work was created by the photo collective Omicron. The series intends to explore the cycling universe and its relationship to urban geography. Dealing with the subject in different ways, the photographers raised questions related to: identity, mobility, public space occupation, among others. After this work other opportunities, ideas and visions evolved. As the worked developed, the necessity to translate to the public part of the cycling experience grew. Therefore we explored through images the cycling experience, registering the cyclist in his on ambient. This is how the project “Exclusive Circulation” was created. Its goal is to create through images a fictitious space in which the bicycle is dislocated to expose the daily conflicts bikers face everyday when living in big cities. This explosion is composed by frames that were originally created to video in which it is possible to observe these spaces and the people circulating during a prolonged fraction of time between the act and the shoot. They work as small cuts into the time flow.