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years old, born in Cuiabá-MT. Started in photography in 1994 shooting performances of local bands. In 2002, after completing the course of Technology in Data Processing, he devoted himself to photography. He moved to Curitiba-PR in 2008 where he graduated in Photography Tuiuti University of Paraná. Between 2011 and 2014 he managed the Collective Photo Omicron, focused on research and photographic production. In 2013 he completed the major in Photography: Image of Production Processes in the Paraná Tuiuti University and is currently pursuing Visual Poetry at the School of Music and Fine Arts of Paraná. In 2011 it was selected in the SESC da Esquina occupation notice with the project Imaginary Narratives. In 2012 expos in Curitiba Museum of Photography the project Bicycle, developed with the Collective Omicron, and in 2014 was among the selected call by the International Photography Festival of Cape Verde in addition to exposing the Unlicensed Gallery in Curitiba-PR. In 2015 he participated in an artistic residence in the city of Maracaibo in Venezuela along with artists from Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela and Ecuador.

2014 . Postgraduate Lato Sensu in Visual Poetics. Escola de Musica e Belas Artes do Paraná. Curitiba/PR
2012-2014 . Postgraduate Lato Sensu in Imaging Processes Production. Universidade Tuiuti. Curitiba/PR
2010-2011 . Degree in Technology Photography. Universidade Tuiuti. Curitiba/PR
2009-2009 . Annual Course of Photography. Escola de Fotografia Omicron. Curitiba/PR
1999-2002 . Degree in Technology in Data Processing. Universidade de Várzea Grande. Várzea Grande/MT

2011 . 10th National Exhibition of audiovisual Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso. Video award at webmovie category. Cuiabá/MT
2010 . 1st Photo contest Curitiba Center. Picture selected for display. Curitiba/PR
2007 . 1st Photographic Competition "Olhar Cuiabá." Award in the category Amateur. Cuiabá/MT
2007 . Book: Sorrisos do Brasil. Photo selected for publication. Cuiabá/MT

2015 . Laboratorio de Producción: Group exhibition at the Centro de Belas Artes Ateneo de Maracaibo, Venezuela
2014 . Exclusive Circulation: Solo exhibition held at Galeria Sem Licença, Curitiba/PR
2013 . Sin fronteras para sin licencia: Group exhibition at the Centro de Arte Contemporânea de Quito, Ecuador
2012 . Portfólio em Foco: Projecting held on the 8th Paraty em Foco - International Photography Festival. Paraty/RJ
Imaginary narratives: SESC Notice Exhibition of Visual Arts for occupancy at SESC da Esquina. Curitiba/PR
2011 . Festival Guará 2nd Edition: Video audio-photographic selected for display at the Festival - Barra do Garças/MT
2010 . Mostra Caixola 3rd Edition: Audio-Video selected for photographic display shows - Curitiba/PR
1st Photo Contest Centro de Curitiba: Exhibition at Hotel Golden Star - Curitiba/PR
2009 . Famílias: Exhibition of Graduates of the Annual Course of Photography - Centro de Fotografia Omicron. Curitiba/PR
2008 . Nossa Terra: Photo exhibition at the Environmental Film Festival Guará 1st Edition. Cuiabá/MT
2007 . Nossa Terra: Photo exhibition at the 1st Bienal de Arte e Cultura do Estado de Mato Grosso. Cuiabá/MT
1st Photo Contest "Olhar Cuiabá": Photographic exhibition on MISC - Museu de Imagem e Som de Cuiaba. Cuiabá/MT

Centro de Belas Artes Ateneo de Maracaibo