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Artemula is a colaborative project created in 2013 in Buenos Aires, by the artists Agustin Rincon (Venezuela) and Byron Toledo (Ecuador). So far this project has had three editions: “Salvajismo Autóctono” - Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013. “El arte como placer subversivo” - Quito, Ecuador, 2014. “Laboratório de Producción” - Maracaibo, Venezuela, 2015.

This last edition took place as an artistic residency that invited artists to produce a body of work at the Centro de Belas Artes Ateneo de Maracaibo, Venezuela. The idea was to bring artists from different backgrounds to produce artistically as a collective during the residency. The idea was to use art as a tool to represent reality and at the same time to be the producer of new realities.

The artists invited to this residency were - Marisol Maza (Mexico), Sonia Perez (Argentina), Pedro Vieira (Brazil), Gustavo Adriano Ribeiro (Brazil), Juan Pablo Bottaro (Venezuela), Agustin Rincon (Venezuela), Byron Toledo (Ecuador).